Using Filters on Snapchat

Basically, the Snapchat application presents users wit three main filters; the custom, colour and the Geo filters. Filters are an excellent opportunity for marketers to customize their advertisement content and target it to a certain group of people. With the Geofilters, you can select the town, city or live event you are currently attending and include is in your snaps.  The colour filters used on Snapchat are comparatively similar to the filters found on Instagram. These filters are standard with the application.

The custom filters, on the other hand are the filters that users can create within the Snapchat app using creativity through either text or emojis. With these filters, Snapchat users do not have to post plain advertisement texts, but can customize their advertisements to meet their own individual requirements. However, the custom filters have a downside in that they can make your Snapchat app buggy, particularly if you use a very big emoji.

The various filters will make your advertisement content more enticing, but you will nee to attract more snapchat followers and grow your readership.


Have you been wondering which could be the most ideal way for you to add on to your twitter followers? Well, you need not wonder anymore. By reading this piece of article, you will be able to establish a few ways in which you can use to add your following. Like in many other social media networks, you will all agree with me that getting many twitter followers is indeed not a walk in the park. In any case it does not happen in a day or two and thus a great deal of patience is required form each and every twitter users.

The first way to add on to your following is by also following many people too. Not many people do realize this but having many followers will also be dependent on the number of people who you are following. The more people you get to follow, the more likely you are likely to get back as many followers to. It is kind of a tit for tat game. Furthermore, one can decide to make things easier by just purchasing the twitter followers directly from a dealer. Caution has to be taken though to ensure that you get to buy your followers from a trusted person. One can also take initiative and lobby for followers from friends and family alike. Regardless of the criteria used, what matters is adding to you following.